CWLC Named Technical Advisor to Nunavut Social Services Review

The Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC) is pleased to have been named technical advisor to the Review of Nunavut's Child and Family Services Act. The Minister of Health and Social Services, Government of Nunavut, the Honourable Tagak Curley announced the Review today.     The CWLC will organize and facilitate community meetings as well as bring together the data submitted through the department-based website, emails, dedicated telephone lines, surveys, and community and stakeholder meetings. CWLC will analyze the input and submissions and build on them for the development of the recommendations.   CWLC Director of Strategic Initiatives, Gordon Phaneuf, who is leading the review, commended the Government of Nunavut "…for developing a consultative process that is inclusive and accessible in design and comprehensive in scope. Every home in the Territory of Nunavut will receive a survey soliciting the residents’ input into the review process. The commitment to inclusiveness is really quite remarkable."   The CWLC has a distinguished record working with provincial and territorial governments in reviewing and evaluating their child welfare legislation, programs, policies and service delivery structures.     For more information on this program and the CWLC’s services, please contact us at or (613) 235-4412. For more information on the Nunavut Department of Health and Social Services, please visit their website at