IFCO2020 Learning Programme - Belonging in a world of care: Strategies to increase belonging and identity for children in alternative care

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IFCO2020 Learning Programme - Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: The importance of family connections and traditions, traditional laws and values for wellness. With Christine Lund from Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada.

IFCO2020 Learning Programme - Peers are doing it for themselves: Conversations with leaders from care about the different ways of doing youth engagement & empowerment.

Expanding Role and Reach: A Community-Centered Child Welfare Response to COVID-19. With Carolyn Oliver.

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Family Connections: an online discussion for foster, kinship and customary care families to learn about how their peers have been nurturing connections to family, community, culture and language in difficult circumstances.

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Opening the Doors to Children and Youth: Using the new Global Framework for Reopening Schools in Child and Youth Serving Spaces 

Learning from the experiences of Indigenous children in care: When placement disruption results in multiple school changes


Relationships matter for youth ‘aging out’ of care

Pathways to resilience: nine ways families, schools, and communities nurture a child’s well-being

Doing better for LGBTQ2+ communities in health and social services

Cultural safety in Indigenous healthcare

Engaging Indigenous youth

Protecting children by strengthening and empowering newcomer communities: Lessons learned from the work of the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration 

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