Associate members

Organizations that do not provide services directly to children or families, but support CWLC as a strong voice for children and youth in Canada can become associate members. Associate members include universities, social planning councils, non-governmental organizations, etc.

The Associate Member fee is $500/year

Agency members

Organizations providing services directly to children and families are invited to become agency members. Agency members include child protective services, Indigenous child welfare organizations, and organizations offering mental health, youth justice, and housing services.

The member fee for agencies with operating budgets under $2,250,000 is $500/year. Agencies with operating budgets over $2,250,000 pay according to a scaled formula, (operating budget - $1M) x .0004, up to a maximum of $5,000/year.

Sustaining members

Any CWLC member can become a sustaining member by making an additional recommended contribution of $4,000/year to support the organization in being a strong advocate for children and families. Sustaining members receive special acknowledgement at CWLC events and in publications (provided they have given consent).

Government members

Government departments and ministries charged with implementing legislation and regulations affecting children, youth and their families are also encouraged to join CWLC.

Government fee is $5,000/year

Individual members

Individuals who support CWLC’s vision for change are also welcome to join our movement. 

The fee for individual members is $150/year (50$ for students)

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