Promoting Parent Education & Support (PPES)

Be the Best Parent You Can Be: Why Positive Discipline Works CWLC, funded by the Government of Canada, developed new materials through its Promoting Parenting Education and Support project. The objective was to develop culturally relevant parenting education tools and professional education materials to inform parents and/or guardians about positive parenting. The effects of physical punishment of children and child abuse were incorporated. The materials developed can now assist community-based organizations with their strategies to create awareness of parenting education and child abuse prevention. Be the Best Parent You Can Be: Why Positive Discipline Works is a pamphlet written for parents and caregivers. This colourful, 16-page pamphlet was developed by professionals in the field of child protection. It is easy to read and will give parents and caregivers ideas on how to: • Manage a child’s behaviour in a positive and healthy way • Understand a child • Use the 3 Rs: Respect, Responsibility and Response as a parenting guide • Understand why parenting without violence has long-term positive results Printed copies of this publication are available in these six (6) languages: English, French, Arabic, Cree, Mandarin and Punjabi.                Electronic copies of this pamphlet are available in these eleven (11) languages:  EnglishFrench • ArabicCreeMandarinOjibway • PunjabiSpanish • SomaliTagalogVietnamese Order your printed copies today!
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Best Resources The Best Resources are online compilations of parenting resources from a variety of sources. They have been categorized to aid in searching for particular resources but we encourage you to visit all the sections for more information.