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Attachment Parenting Canada

Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by paediatrician William Sears,[1] is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of the attachment theory in developmental psychology. According to attachment theory, a strong emotional bond with parents during childhood, also known as a secure attachment, is a precursor of secure, empathic relationships in adulthood. Attachment Parenting Canada has a website with a number of useful factsheets with advice on positive parenting according to this general ideal.

Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex’s Package on Positive Parenting

This is a series of one- to four-page factsheets or pamphlets regarding child abuse and alternative methods of discipline (including “Discipline Without Hurting” from the CWLC). The format is somewhat difficult to work with – these would be best used if the required

Additional Resources

Discipline: Where Do I Start?

This is short and well-written sheet about positive discipline for parents produced by the Department of Community Services in New South Wales, Australia. It is also available in Arabic. The contact information is not valid for Canada.

New South Wales Department of Community Services, 2 p.
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Encouraging Better Behaviour

This is a booklet for parents about positive parenting, available in PDF format. The reading level is good and it includes images. Although it was produced by a British organization, the only thing about this resource that is inappropriate to Canada is the list of contacts on the last two pages.

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
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Factsheets on Parent-Child Relationships

These two factsheets were developed by the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence and outline child development and positive parenting techniques. The reading level may be too high for many parents and the format is uninviting. However, the information is sound.

Additional Resources

Factsheets on Parenting (American)

16 Tools for Parents of Children 10-14

7 Super Things Parents and Caregivers Can Do

Discipline that Works
This gives a very detailed table explaining what negative behaviours to expect at different ages and tips for dealing with them.

Disciplining Your Toddler
This explains what does and does not work for the positive discipline of a toddler.

Is Time-Out Right For Me?
This is a brief description of time-out and how to use it.

Punishment or Discipline: Understanding the Difference
This is a brief pamphlet explaining the different between punishment (negative) and discipline (positive, teaching).

Spanking: What Research Says
This explains why physical punishment is not effective.

Temper Tantrums
This brochure gives advice on responding to tantrums and avoiding them altogether.

Winning Ways to Grocery Shop with Young Children
This brochure gives suggestions for avoiding misbehaviour in grocery shops but could also be applied to any public outing with children.

Child Guidance Techniques
This is a 8-page brochure that explains in broad terms how to parent positively and backs up the concepts with some short examples. It includes some questions and exercises.

Parenting Teens
This brochure outlines some common misunderstandings about the teenage years and gives positive parenting tips for

Positive Discipline
This resource gives eight creative tips for positive discipline.

Something Better than Punishment
This 8-page brochure gives several suggestions for avoiding and dealing with problems between children and parents and uses short anecdotes to explain how these principles work.

Am I Spoiling My Child?
This brochure debunks the myth that paying positive attention to children spoils them, and explains what kind of parent attention encourages good behaviour in children.


This is a book that was designed as a supplementary resource for the Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program. In plain language it

Additional Resources

FRP Canada Fact Sheets

These are short and useful one-page factsheets on positive parenting.

Focus on Next Time (PDF) – This suggests that instead of disciplining mistakes, parents should use the mistakes as a basis for teaching correct behaviour for next time.

Handy Phrases to Deal with Child Behaviour (PDF) – This gives a few suggestions of ways to talk to children about misbehaviour.

FRP Canada (Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs)

Gentle Christian Mothers

This website has a good resources section with several useful tips for positive discipline of children in different age groups. (The religious overtones of the website may be problematic.)

This is a list of creative ideas for disciplining a toddler in various situations:

Additional Resources

Healthy Parenting Home Study Program

This online parenting course was developed by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute and has since been used by people all over the world. It is an interactive course that covers most topics important to parents – there are modules followed by quizzes. At the completion of the course, parents receive a certificate. This is an excellent resource for all parents, especially those who do not have access to traditional parent education classes and other community resources. For those who have absolutely no access to the internet, the modules may be accessed by sending a written request to:

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

1319, Colony Rd.

Saskatoon, SK S7N 2Z1

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